Marriott Gent new partner of Omloop Het Nieuwsblad

14 February 2020

Marriott Residence Inn Gent is open since mid-November and is situated near the exit of the E17 and E40 highways. With also the R4 and Sint-Pieters train station in proximity, the hotel does well in terms of accessibility, and it is the perfect starting point to discover the city. Moreover, the concept of Marriott Residence Inn is rather original. The hotel aims mainly at people who are looking for a longer stay and it wants to put itself in the market as a sports hotel. We talked with Director of Sales, Marketing & Events CĂ©line Roosen.


Marriott Residence Inn opened in November 2019. What does the hotel represent exactly?

A residence Inn is a popular American concept that mainly focusses on people who like to stay longer in one place but don’t feel like searching for a flat. At Marriott Residence Inn families have to opportunity to stay in one room. We have regular rooms for two people, but we offer bigger rooms up to 6 people as well. Furthermore, every room has a tiny kitchen and pets are allowed. Our hotel is suited for both business and tourist visits. We belong to the same owner as Holiday Inn Express and the Marriott Hotel in the centre of Ghent, so we have quite some experience.

Marriott Residence Inn wants to present itself as a sports hotel. How do you try to grant the wishes of cycling teams or other sportsmen and sportswomen?

There is a private parking between Residence Inn and Holiday Inn. It can for instance be used to park the cycling teams’ busses. There is also a restaurant situated between the two buildings that works together with both hotels. The restaurant serves special sports menus. Furthermore, there is a big and modern fitness in the hotel which is open 24/24.


Did any famous sportsmen or sportswomen already stay here?

Not for the time being, but of course we have not been open for a long time. So we hope to change that soon. Different cycling teams already did stay at Holiday Inn. Since both hotels have the same owner, we already know how to welcome them and what their wishes are during their stay.


How do you look at the new collaboration with Flanders Classics? Why is it interesting for you?

As already said, Marriott Residence Inn aims to profile itself as a real sports hotel. It matches of course perfectly with the collaboration with Flanders Classics. Moreover, Omloop Het Nieuwsblad and the Tour of Flanders are extremely popular in this region which makes such a cooperation also commercially interesting for us. So, we are 100% behind it. 


More info: www.marriott.com

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