Flanders Classics and GeoDynamics join forces again

11 February 2021

The race is a spectacle that can be witnessed from various places: along the road, at the finish, from your couch. Few cycling fans realise that the race is actually a gigantic event that is constantly on the move. In order to keep an overview of this constantly moving caravan, Flanders Classics and GeoDynamics will also be working closely together in 2021.

The race, the peloton and the accompanying caravan that are constantly speeding forward during a road race obviously bring enormous logistical challenges with them. These challenges can only be properly managed if the organisation knows where everyone is at all times. That is why Flanders Classics and GeoDynamics have joined forces.

Track & Trace

"We provide a track & trace system", explains Stijn Stragier, co-founder and managing partner of GeoDynamics in Kortrijk. "We install a compact tracking system in specific vehicles in the course. Think of the red and green flag, but also the race director's car or the opening car."

"Our software collects all these signals and displays them on a very clear map with the course that should be followed. This way, the organisation is able to know where everyone is at all times. In the event of a problem, immediate action can be taken."

A clear race overview

The advantage is obvious. Whereas in the past we relied on reports from marshals, now we know get realtime information like how far the race caravan stretches and where the important pawns are.

"We already have 17 years of experience in the field of time registration and track & trace," Stijn Stragier continues. "In recent years, however, we have noticed that these elements can also play a decisive role at events. Rallies, cycle races, classic car events... we are constantly adapting our software in such a way that the logistical challenge for the event organiser becomes a lot clearer. Not only do we save them a lot of time, but we also avoid or limit any problem situations".

"We won’t become a real Flandrien who creates the specatcle, but with GeoDynamics we are always at the front of the peloton!" concludes Stijn Stragier.

  • © Lars Crommelinck © © Lars Crommelinck

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